Hello all,

I’ve decided to take a different approach in my redesign process and simplify this site. I am focusing on the animation¬†and all aspects of it and not necessarily the fine art side of my skill set. I also am starting to post my carpentry/woodworking projects under the tab of the same name. If you have any desire to browse any non-animation and non carpentry related artwork, check the “miscellaneous” page.


As for now. I seem to be on a dragon kick. My “tiny dragon” was modeled with Silo, textured in Mudbox, and rendered in Maya.

The dragon head was just a texturing experiment I was doing in Mudbox. I liked it so much I decided to render it.

A quick demonstration of the dragon rig. This was a bit tricky to rig even though the demo is so short. I rigged it so you can do a full “flap” in cycle using only 3 different major controls.

this is my general demo reel:

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